Well maybe you wondered what retired people do, here’s one thing they might do – search through their bottom drawer and seek out all the rejected manuscripts they’ve accumulated over the years. If you happen to have a blog you can take your revenge on all those short-sighted publishers who couldn’t see the talent, and publish yourself. The more observant of you will have noticed that there are now six images down the right hand side of my blog. They represent 6 ebooks in various stages of publication.

A word of explanation about each one and the stage it is at.

First up is ‘4 (or 5) go to New Zealand‘. So far it represents the first three months of 6 months of our time spent in New Zealand. I worked there for 16 months in total. The whole family went and it was, to say the least, a stressful time. Keeping a diary was something I had done for a long time but, in this case, I wrote a fuller record of our experiences purely as therapy. As I’ve said elsewhere, writing in a great therapy.

The second is called Two Teach in China. It is a record of the fascinating experiences of two American friends who went to teach in China for 6 months (I think). I can take no credit for the excellent nature of the writings only in seeing the sense in publishing them as a part of this blog. I add the pages as Gail sends them to me.

The third is called That which Lies Beneath and is a series of ghost stories, 11 in all which is one of those bottom drawer collections that I wrote many years ago. I read them through recently and thought they might stand resurrection. I thought they read quite well but then I would say that. I’ve published one so far and intend to publish a story a month. Second one at the end of November and so on.

The fourth, Golf a Mind Game is different in that this is a book written with a friend and fellow psychologist and it was actually published. We were pleased with this, and the look of it particularly helped by the excellent illustrations from Geo Parkin. It was a shame that the publisher buggered off to South Africa but the good news was that the rights to the book reverted to us and here it is. There are 42 ‘chapters’/topics and I intend to publish a chapter about every week or so.

The fifth, Better Thinking, Better Driving, is a training package that I developed while working in the above New Zealand and revised with a British colleague later. Their casualty rate for young people and beginning drivers, on the roads was horrendous ( about the same as ours but they had (a total – not just young people ) 4 million  population whereas we had approximately 15 times that. I picked this one out of the bottom drawer this weekend and read it for the first time in about 15 years. I have to say, and I would wouldn’t I, that I thought it was excellent. I’m not quite sure what to do with it so if anybody out there has any ideas let me know.

And finally, for now, (I have more to come) my crime story set in the Yorkshire Dales, Dead Country. Written at the time of the foot and mouth outbreak. A tense time for all in this area. There’s nothing ‘under’ the cover of this one either but again I’m reading through it at the moment and trying to decide whether it needs any revision. So far, so good, but it’s early days.

So there we are 6 Ebooks so far and, as I say, I have more! Whether these ‘books’ really are worth an airing, well, you readers, if you do read them, can have the possibly final say. Right now it feels good to be getting them out there in some modest way.




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