I feel physically sick, abused even. This blog is therapy. What now? Not the energy companies again, water companies? pay day loans? insurance companies (although this is tricky as our daughter works for one)? – we got a letter from Saga (always looking after old people) saying they could reinsure for from £117, turned out to be £250! Bastards. I digress.

No the reason I’m feeling sick and abused today is because of ticket prices and ticket agencies. OK, it all comes from our weakness, and this is how people end up getting exploited. They’re needy. We decided we needed to go and see The Eagles at Leeds Arena next June. My wife gave me all the usual blarney about once in a life time opportunity. Our son had suggested we do it and that is why at 9 am exactly, this morning, I sat with my finger poised over the ‘buy tickets’ button and that’s where the slippery slope to exploitation started.

I won’t bore you with the technical details, like being timed out when you’ve completed the just about the whole form – you get five minutes and then if you’ve not completed you have to start all over again. Admittedly, I had spent probably 4 minutes 30 seconds of that 5 minutes unconscious after passing out over the prices. Despite, and this is like the insurance companies, it being advertised on the ticket agency website that tickets started at £57, the cheapest was £87. Didn’t see any senior citizen discount but I probably just looked in the wrong place.

So next. And this is where it starts to get complicated. The aforementioned number one son had casually mentioned that I might buy 4 tickets, two for us and two for him and his girlfriend. Always deeply suspicious of laying out money on number one son’s behalf I nevertheless agreed. I would buy 4 tickets. But, but, we also have a daughter and partner and my wife thought they might be upset if we had bought extra tickets for other child and not them, so we decided to get 6 tickets.

And here it gets even more complicated. As I tried to purchase 6 tickets at a reasonable price, £90 something, yes, practically giving them away. I click on ‘number of tickets’, only to find that you can’t buy six tickets at this price. Ha! You can only buy six tickets at the absolutely fucking extortionate price of £125 each. What a clever trick. Barrel, over, ripped off, etc. So now we’re up to £750, am I already feeling nauseous? You bet. Will I get my money back? Will it be worth the money? (the last big concert we went to – Neil Young in Sheffield Arena, a small dot on the horizon and some guy behind beating out time on my seat, I vowed never again. But time heals all wounds so they say.

But wait it’s not over yet, not until the Eagles sing. On top of this £750 there was the fucking booking fee – a mere £73.50. This is the bit that galls, the ticket price makes me feel sick but the booking fee makes me incredibly angry. I’ve included a copy of the ‘order confirmation’ so you can see for yourself. And still we’re not done. Just as I thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did. Perhaps it might seem only in a small way but, you know, straws, camels back, the final insult etc. I had ticked the ‘collect at venue’ as we only live a couple of miles from the arena I thought we might save a bit by picking up the tickets. We could hire a security van to transport us. They charged £2.50 for that privilege. How I laughed.

So, yes, it’s all our fault, how could we even think about paying out all that money? And there’s nothing like booking tickets from a ticket agency, MyEVENTIM as you ask, to perpetuate that feeling that you’re A SILLY OLD GIT WHOSE BRAIN HAS TURNED TO MUSH and you deserve all the exploitation you can get. And I haven’t mentioned retirement once. After all you don’t have to be retired to be ripped off by the bastards do you? This is an equal opportunities society. Do I feel better now? A bit.

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