I don’t think we’re in Kansas any more

I turn to my metaphorical Toto and I say

“These are strange times, Toto”

These are the in-between times full of the legacy of the past and the promise (is that the right word) of the future. Because it’s nearly the end of working days my legacy is a work-related one. Could I have been more successful in my career, that kind of thing. But steady, that way lies the road to madness and I may be heading for the yellow brick road but not on this bus. No I’m not on drugs, well I am but not hallucinogenic drugs. Where was I, Oh yes.

It’s all pushing and pulling me, getting me out of shape. I’m quite often out of shape, rhomboid or trapezium rather than square but these days I’m weird shapes not sure there’s a word, amoeba maybe, all straggly bits and pieces. I suppose it’s that time of my life.

I wondered if I should be blogging more than once a week. Use the blog as therapy? Toto barks in agreement inside my head. It’s not unreasonable as I’ve recommended writing stuff down to my ‘clients’ all of my professional life. I personally have kept a diary since 1978 when we went to live in the USA and I was going mad and my wife’s brother who was a priest at the time sent me a diary as a Christmas present. It helped a lot to write down everything that was going on. Maybe that’s where the idea of retraining as a psychologist came from or at least the knowledge that I didn’t want to go back to the UK to continue to be a teacher. But that’s another story, another blog I guess I should say now.

And I’ve never stopped writing in my diaries in the subsequent 35 years, every day! That’s 35 times 365(6) that’s a lot. It’s why when I saw the course on blogging I thought maybe this is the missing link in my retirement. There will be many ‘missing links’ I’m guessing, this is merely the first. How different could it be – diary-blog. So maybe I should blog and right now maybe I need the therapy of more than once a week. It’s not as if anybody is actually reading my blogs so I guess I can do what I bloody well please.

So here I am trying to clear out the backlog, the back catalogue (I like the sound of that) of my thoughts. Trying to make some space, reduce the load, get a little lighter at this strange time. If I can clear a little space, cut myself some slack, maybe I can come to terms with this new and exsiting (sic) phase of my life. What do you say Toto? (I like Toto, he could figure again in my blogs, maybe I’ll even get a real dog and call it Toto). What’s that Toto? you say you are real!

OK, so I’ll try and make some space in my brain to think things through. What’s that Toto? You think it could be ruff. Well, we’ll see.

Just because I can, I have decided to attach a photo (this is a first) of a Toto stand-in. Hope he doesn’t mind because I didn’t ask his permission.






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  1. Steve Morgan 5 years ago

    Just when you thought nobody is reading… my cat has your dog bookmarked!

    • LostFox 5 years ago

      I fear for the dog – that Juno is a clever one……

  2. Summerhouse 5 years ago

    Ok, where does Juno come into this?

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