This blog has a health warning, if you are of a sensitive disposition, don’t read on. You have been warned.

Talk about hold the front page. This was not the blog I intended to post this week but for once I am forced by the behaviour of the bastards to post something serious. If you don’t like my language well now might be the time to fuck off.

Sorry am I being thick or are we being cheated by the cheating bastards? And by this I mean more than usual. I had always thought that the mantra of privatisation a la energy companies was that competition led to a better deal for the consumer. You know one company trying to attract customers by offering a cheaper deal than the bastards down the street. We, the consumer, do our research, shop around and make, if you’ll pardon the expression, some ‘genuine’ savings. Or is that ridiculously old-fashioned?

How can this be the case with the energy companies when they all fix their fucking prices together.  One of the fuckers puts their prices up by 10% and each of the other fuckers puts their prices up one after the fucking other. It’s a fix of the most despicable kind and the real joke is that they get away with it year after fucking year. It’s enough to make a person swear or even use the c word.

Of course we realise that capitalism has one or two flaws. Like exorbitant wages and bonuses for the fucking bosses (what would it be? £500K compare and contrast with my £200 for both of us winter fuel allowance against an annual bill of energy bill is £1499) and of course excessive (they won’t tell us how much, quelle surprise) profits for shareholders, a blatant disregard for investment despite what they bleat and a reprehensible hiding behind the cost of supposed green strategies when in fact they couldn’t give a flying fuck about green issues. Will it make us a profit, ask the fat bastard cats? Or fat cat bastards if you prefer. And then, and this is a killer, they say if we don’t give them all the fucking money the lights will go out. Well let the fucking lights go out and while they’re out they can fuck off.

The leader in this week’s Saturday Guardian suggested that the government’s strategy is apparently to increase the number of companies (we’ve got six already and that hasn’t helped one fucking bit) and to force them to offer customers their lowest tariff. This would be funny if it weren’t so bleedin’ rotten. You choose, do you want to pay 50% or a half of £1000?

We’ve all heard the fucking excuse it’s because of rising energy prices – do the fucking prices ever come down, well they do on the energy market but not from the companies to us. No sir fucking ree. Fix your bills and give us another way of taking your fucking money. Door step lying to get you to change your account, useless Ofgem. Oh yes, we should be very fucking proud of our energy industry and all that privatisfuckingation has given us.

Take energy companies back into public ownership I say. It seems to me the only flaw in politicians assuming control of our vital industries is that they’re bunch of cheating bastards as well.

I mean we know we’re being taken advantage of but as I say to my son there’s having a laugh and then there’s blatant piss taking. The energy companies are blatant piss takers and need stopping. I’d like to say I feel better for this, what some people would regard as a foul-mouthed rant, problem is I fucking don’t. If you think this blog is a tad polemical, a bit one-sided well I don’t fucking care.

Have a nice winter.




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  1. Steve Morgan 5 years ago

    I was very saddened when I heard Peter Capaldi was to become the new Dr Who, but now I am reassured that Malcolm Tucker (or is that Fucker) is alive and well! Couldn’t agree more with the gentle sentiments so subtly expressed.

  2. Soph 5 years ago

    Lots of quality swearing, wit and totally spot on. The perfect post.

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