stone circleNumber 8 in this series of ghost stories. That means only 3 to go unless I try and write more. I don’t know whether these stories will be missed. I don’t know whether anybody reads them, certainly I have never had any comments about them so maybe I really am just publishing them for my own amusement, which is fine. I enjoy creating the ‘covers’ anyway.

I do remember the inspiration for this story several years ago. It was prompted by a visit to the Druids circle up past Fearby on the Lofthouse / Masham road in North Yorkshire a few miles from where our barn is located. It was quite an eerie place and lent itself fairly easily to inspiring a ghost story. We went to take a look last week to take the above photo. It’s changed a bit, not as isolated as it used to be and bizarrely there is a whole encampment of yurts (like big tents) I think you could fairly call them. Now that is weird and would lead to a whole different  ghost story – the haunted yurt kind of thing. Anyway hope you enjoy this one, if you do, as ever, let me know.

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