Rosedale Abbey

Rosedale Abbey

This area is called Rosedale abbey although when we enquired where the abbey was we were told there wasn’t one. Probably at some point in the past there was one. Maybe. It’s in a different part of North Yorkshire from Mrs Summerhouse’s usual stomping ground near the barn but one we are fond of and not a million miles from where our daughter got married. You will note the sheep. When Mrs SH first showed me the picture I said, “I like  the sheep.” She said, “there aren’t any sheep those are trees.” Ahh, I said, but if you want sheep then sheep you shall have, pause while she tries to take photos of sheep to use as models. Here they are.

By the time you get to look at this blog we will be on our way to Ireland for our hols. So future art work may well be from Kerry as, technology permitting, will be my next blogs. Fingers crossed.


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  1. Still the Lucky Few 2 years ago

    A unique treatment for the hills—those wouldn’t be restored slag heaps, would they? What an awful name, but that’s the name given to the man-made “hills” sprinkled all over the coal areas after the Industrial era. They could be seen anywhere in Wales, Yorkshire or Lancashire at one time. Just wondering…maybe my memory is playing tricks. After all, it must be 40 years since I’ve been in England!

  2. Author
    summerhouse 2 years ago

    Your memory does not deceive you, slag heaps were common, pleased to say that these are genuine hills

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