I’ve made it at last, fame, I’ve been hacked (the image, right, below is as close as I could get to hacking). fishBut yes, it’s fame of a kind. At least that’s how I’m choosing to see it. Otherwise I might be cross, no, this is an example of positive reframing at its finest. You see everybody on my email list has received an email saying I’m in a library in the Philippines and need money. Well, the last bit is true. Incidentally my knowledgeable friend, those I have left, described it as phishing – who am I to disagree. The plea for help, for coughthat is what it was went like this. It’s pretty sad, so don’t read it if you are of a sensitive nature. But if you’re of a sceptical nature then go ahead. I’ve reproduced the email just as it came to my friends who kindly sent it to me.

Good Morning,
I hope you get this on time!!!sorry to disturb you but i had to send this message to you due to an unforeseen circumstance that i encountered.
I traveled to Philippines for a short trip but unfortunately for me, i had an accident of which i dislocated my right arm and my head got bruised. The driver of the cab passed on due to internal bleeding and the injuries he sustained on his head.I have not been able to reach any one due to the fact that my cell phone,credit cards and some valuable document were all missing after the accident.
Thank goodness am safe but with with a few injuries i sustained, am in a public library to reach out for help through my email since it the only way out for me now. Please kindly get back to me as you receive this message so that i can tell you how to help me out I depend on you.

This went to everybody on the list as I say, people I communicated with last week and people I haven’t spoken to in years and have no desire to now. The interesting thing was that the response to my dire situation was no better from proper, so-called friends and those I struck off my Christmas card list years ago. So to you all, well f— you, I could actually have killed that taxi driver and be stuck in a library with only 10,000, or whatever, books to read, and you wouldn’t lift a finger to help. By the way, such was my understanding of what happened that when he or she said ‘the driver of the cab passed on’ I thought, the bastard he left the scene of the accident without waiting for the police. Maybe that’s just the way they do things in the Philippines. I mean I now realise the guy’s dead as a result of internal injuries and a bruise on his head. Must have been the internal injuries what killed him I mean you don’t die from a bruise on the head do you? God, I hope not I’ve had loads of those. How brilliant of this person to be able to type this a message with a dislocated right arm, unless of course s/he was left-handed. Yes, of course, that’s the way it must have been. Phew that’s lucky, although not for the taxi driver of course.

Then I started to look on the bright side. Every problem an opportunity and all that kind of mularkey. You will remember from my last finance blog that we were experiencing a little local difficulty, i.e. we had not got enough money. Wellll, this gave me an idea. It went as follows, I would encourage my true friends to respond – you know who you are – yes, you, and reframe, that word again, the story so that it read, I am no longer in the Philippines having hitchhiked home on a banana boat – this part of the story may need some work to give it that dash of credibility – please send money to my home address where I am in a darkened room, recovering from my Philippine adventure. Please help me, you know you want to. What do you think dear readers, will it fly?

And does this story have a happy ending? Well that depends on your point of view. In an effort to confound the blasted Philipino devil, I changed my email password. I changed it to F—U2. But, and this may be a potential downside to this course of action, after I’d changed my password, I realised – too late that I’d lost all my contacts but as I said to my ‘friend’ I never really liked anybody anyway. If you actually like / value your contacts you may need to do something different. As my grandma used to say – it’s a grand life if you don’t weaken. Fancy picking on a poor old retired person like me. Needless to say, this was not the blog I intended to publish at this point. But at least I did get a blog out of it.

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