Photo from Daniel Freeman

Edward Hopper’s painting of Nighthawk

I’m going to do something on this retirement blog that I’ve never done before. Maybe it’s the ‘try something new’ from my 400 up blog. I’m going to post a blog that contains very little writing and a great deal of somebody else’s creative endeavours, in this case a series of photographs of small town America at night. It isn’t about retirement but, as I’ve said before, it’s my blog and I’ll do what I like. Apart from loving the photos themselves they also evoke memories of our own road trip across the United States many years ago, 1979 to be precise.  I have written about this trip twice in this blog in ‘Looking back from retirement : All come to look for America’ and ‘Retirement and Looking back : It’s a long road to New Mexico’. It’s always nice to be reminded of what was, for us, an historic and even character-defining trip. Finally, I like the fact that Daniel Freeman’s photos remind me of Edward Hopper and the photo I’ve chosen, just one of the collection, which reminds me strongly of Hopper’s Nighthawk, without the people, is a good example. I’d be surprised if Daniel didn’t take the shot as an homage to Hopper’s painting. Given all I’ve written about our frustrated travel ambitions in retirement, I’m also a little bit envious of this project.

For the rest of the photos copy and paste the above link (sorry couldn’t make the link live, beyond my skill levels)



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  1. rosni3 1 year ago

    Great pics and the link was live. In the last two or three weeks your blog has also become ‘live’, that is come straight to my email box, whereas in all the years I’ve been following you I had to google ‘Summerhouse Years’ to get it. Perhaps other people have had the same experience and you will now have more readers? Who knows, you might start enjoying retirement more? Here’s hoping. I love it, myself. All the best.

    • Author
      summerhouse 1 year ago

      Delighted you’re getting the blog through your email although I have no idea how that’s happening maybe it was something my tech guy did and charged me £50 for, who knows. Continue to enjoy your retirement, I mostly do despite my miserable persona on here!

  2. Graham Turner 1 year ago

    Love the photographs very evocative….bring memories back…

    • Author
      summerhouse 1 year ago


  3. Still the Lucky Few 1 year ago

    Thank you for the tour! Beautiful, haunting pictures of America at night…

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