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  1. Maggie Johnson 3 years ago

    Great photos Peter!

    • Author
      summerhouse 3 years ago

      Thanks Maggie

  2. Patricia Kennedy 3 years ago

    Awesome! I found your blog recently and am thoroughly enjoying it. It looks like you live in a beautiful place. (I’m in central USA and we have snow too now.)

  3. Author
    summerhouse 3 years ago

    Thanks Patricia for your comment, where is central USA exactly?

    • Patricia Kennedy 3 years ago

      Ha! Well, I guess central USA is a big area. I’m in Kansas City, Missouri.

  4. Peter 3 years ago

    Ah we drove through Kansas on our road trip many years ago. I have an iconic photo of the road ahead!

  5. Olinda Fryberger 3 years ago

    Hi!, first time reader here. I very much enjoyed your postpage. I found it to be really helpful. Keep up the awesome work! I’ll be sure to tell my friends

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