Given that my on-going commitment blog-wise was to publish every Tuesday, the Friday or even Saturday blog might be regarded as something of a bonus or else an additional irritation, take your pick. Anyway (or if you prefer a little local dialect – ‘any road up’.. ) this is my excuse for publishing a blog such as this one which doesn’t contain the mandatory 1000 plus words. This blog is the second of my, more or less monthly, cartoon strips (produced several years ago by Mrs Summerhouse and myself) with the title of Woodies, otherwise the name of my local pub wherein the cartoon is set. It features, as it always does, Tel, Bob and Babs. They’re not entirely untypical of those people who drink there although I have to admit that a barmaid like Babs is on the endangered species list as the vast majority of barmaids these days are students. But that’s progress for you I guess.


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  1. John 2 years ago

    Like the cartoon strip and also the post about London. Having grown up in London I tend to see it as a set of separate towns and villages and try to avoid the centre (except for the galleries etc). If you like cosy pubs there are some great ones in Putney south of the river and Hampstead and Highgate in the north. Have a good Christmas.

    • Author
      summerhouse 2 years ago

      Hi John, yes many years ago our best friends lived in London and then we knew it much better but these days with only one visit a year we tend to stick to the obvious places, we do still enjoy it though

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