‘Spine Chilling DVDs – Classic Ghost stories; The Quatermass Collection: Dead of Night’ and one I’d never heard of, ‘Robin Redbreast’. All reissued BBC programmes promising ‘ghostly nights in’. Set me thinking. Nothing major just that I like ghost stories which is why I set out to write a number of them a few years ago.

There are a lot of ghosts that accompany a person into retirement – the ghosts of friends, of places you’ve traveled to, of past glories and embarrassments. And of course the ghost of yourself.   As Robert Graves put it in his poem ‘My Ghost’:

‘thus to be haunted

By my own ghost whom, much to my disquiet,

All would be friends and open enemies

Boldly identified

As me’,

Retirement is a time to look back as well as to the future. In my case I look back on all my past writing projects. These are my ghosts.

Of course, simple enough to look back, question is-do my ghosts have a future? I think they do and this is the reason why I have decided, as I suggested in previous blog, to rifle through my bottom drawer for rejected projects I can revive.

This blog is a way of linking my blogging to the series of Ebooks I am publishing through this site. This latest one is a series of ghost stories. When I wrote them a few years ago it was with the intention of seeing if I could produce ghost stories  set in modern times but which still had that Gothic chill of a MR James or Edgar Allan Poe or even Charles Dickens story(one of my favourite ghost stories was written by Dickens – ‘The Signalman’), but without the castles, graveyards  and vampires. Quite ambitious you will agree. And difficult, I kept wanting to retreat to safer waters.

I am not a good critic of my own writing so I don’t know whether I came even close to achieving this goal. Certainly the BBC didn’t think I had as I mentioned in the last blog. I never sent these to any publishers so at least I didn’t get a rejection there.

I wonder whether, as I republish, if it is possible to republish something that hasn’t been published in the first place, whether I should have attempted to rewrite them, try to improve them in some way. I suspect had I decided to do this these stories would have remained in my bottom drawer. Anyway if you read them and think you can add to them then please let me know. I also wondered about writing more but I think that might depend on the reaction I get to this first batch.

So all this preamble by way of introduction to ‘What Lies Beneath’ my Ebook of 11 ghost stories released once every month.

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