Mr Summerhouse has been in need of my assistance recently in my role as yoga teacher. He has been suffering with lower back pain and unlike him has not been to see the doctor! Having hopefully helped some of my yoga group with the same problem I am sharing this simple sequence to help others who may find themselves in a similar situation to Mr Summerhouse – he attempted some gardening / DIY the day before yesterday and is now wishing he hadn’t bothered (Ed’s note – very true) but last seen doing his back exercises so fingers crossed he is feeling the benefit (Ed’s note again – I am, honest).

yoga back exercises

yoga back exercises

A simple sequence to ease lower back pain :

Lay on a firm surface and draw both bent legs towards the chest, holding either behind the legs or across the shins (1).

Relax your breathing and move from side to side, either holding your legs or stretching your arms out at shoulder level (2).

Hug legs back in again (3).

Hold one bent leg and extend the other keeping your back as lengthened as possible, repeat with the other leg. Hug both legs in again (1 and 3).

Work on these for a few minutes without straining.

Stand and either hold on to a firm piece of furniture and ease down into a squat (4). Make sure your feet remain flat. Only go as far as you can. The lower back will be gently stretched but if the heels come up off the floor the lower back won’t be extended as it should be.

Repeat a few times and then straighten up.

Repeat daily if possible using the sequence as prevention rather than cure.

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  1. Still the Lucky Few 2 years ago

    All gentle exercises are good in addressing back pain, but yoga is, without a doubt, the best. Thanks!

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