Yoga limbering is a very important part of the daily practice. Especially after a summer break from classes. Apart from mentally preparing for the postures (Asanas) the gentle movements give the body time to adjust and warm the muscles and skeletal system. As we get older we need to pay particular notice of limbering before working on our yoga programme to avoid straining and over stretching.

There are so many ways to limber but generally a good balanced approach, whereby all parts of the body are given a gentle awakening, will be good preparation.

Make sure you take into account how you feel. When I am teaching my class, especially after a break, I suggest that each person mentally tells themselves that this is the first time they have done any yoga so that they need to view everything they do as totally fresh. I stress the importance of listening to the mind, body and breath and work within their own safe levels and not succumb to competing with themselves or letting the mind wander back to past performance but to try and be aware and stay in the here and now.

The following sequence is one of many. It’s very gentle and is safe for beginners or more practiced students. Ten to fifteen mins should be sufficient depending on how demanding the yoga practice to follow is. This is based on an hour and a half yoga session.yoga16

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  1. Still the Lucky Few 2 years ago

    Yes, it is that time of year when we give up our lazier summer pursuits and get back to looking after our bodies! I’ve been to the gym today after five weeks away, and spent a good long time limbering up, doing many of the moves you suggest. Love your illustrations!

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