I’ve come to realise that changing my daily yoga routine is a good thing, rather like changing along with the rhythm of the seasons. It’s too easy to stay in your comfort zone so I’ve been adding some poses I would normally find challenging. I’m sharing a short routine that is safe but strong.


Begin by laying and resting your whole body, observing your breath.

Adopt the ‘Happy baby’ pose (see above) and hold for at least 1 minute. Come to a sitting position and then move into the ‘Boat’ pose and hold for at least 1 minute.

Stand up then open your legs and lower yourself slowly into the wide leg squat with flat feet (ideally) and elbows on the inside of your knee / thigh region. Hold again for up to 1 minute.

From there place your hands flat on the floor keeping your elbows in place as before. Balance with your feet off of the floor and hold for as long as is comfortable.

Stand for the next pose and hold your foot, heel or big toe and stretch upwards and outwards. Repeat on your other leg and hold for as long as is comfortable.

From your standing pose spread your legs and place your hands on the floor or on our legs if you can’t manage the floor and bend forwards breathing out. Again hold for as long as is comfortable.

Then rest on the floor, hug your legs and then stretch out, stay in this relaxing position observing any subtle changes in your mood and physical well-being.

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