Chakra Blanket Relaxation Technique

It’s the new year, its cold in the north. My yoga class returned last night after the festivities, raring to go. We did a relaxation technique involving sitting back to back with a partner but it can be done alone / on a chair/against a wall.

You imagine yourself wrapped in a warm blanket with the colours of the chakras woven in as in the picture above. You close your eyes observe your breathing, then imagine in turn the colours, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and lastly, white.

Imagine the colours being layered starting with red and ending with white. Stay with each colour for a few breaths before moving on.

Imagine that the chakra blanket as well as keeping you warm and safe is helping to keep any negative thoughts at bay.

When you have reached white try to visualise the blanket as a whole with all the colours visible.

Relax and, if you are with a partner, feel the heat that has been created. Either continue to sit for about 10 minutes or else lay down and relax allowing your mind to stay as empty as possible.

Return upright and notice how you feel.

Happy New Year.

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