The third in the on-going series written by Mrs Summerhouse designed to keep your body in good shape in your third age. It doesn’t need saying but I will, maintaining a healthy balance between mind and body is essential to a happy third age.

This yoga posture helps to stretch the spine in a slow and safe manner. It is practised on all fours with hands under the shoulders and knees under the hips. As in the pictures below.


Try to make sure that the neck remains long during the inhalation and after exhalation draw the chin towards the chest.

The cat pose should be practised slowly and smoothly with the body and breath working in harmony. The hands want to be open with fingers pointing straight forward. The elbows remain locked throughout both movements. Practise 6 to 10 rounds, then relax (as below) easing your bottom back on to your heels. Stay there for a few minutes. You know you’ll feel better for it.


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  1. Lynn Turner 4 years ago

    Nice. Very mindful…love the illustrations!

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