Candle-flame-no-reflectionI wrote last time about the complexities of retirement and the challenge of teasing all the complications apart so a person can take action where s/he needs to. I thought I would ask Mrs Summerhouse to write another blog in her yoga series and focus on the meditation side of things. This activity has a nice calming, relaxing effect and reduces the stresses and strains of retirement life. Try it.

With the days getting shorter and darker mornings, one of the most comforting and relaxing meditations is with a candle.

Sit or kneel comfortably or sit on chair as in diagram,  stay warm and in a quiet place, gaze at the candle and, when you feel the urge to relax your eyes, see from within the negative image of the candle. Try and hold the image for as long as you can, if it fades or disappears re-open your eyes and continue to gaze without strain. Keep repeating for perhaps up to 15 minutes.

candle2You will notice how calm you have become. When you finish the practice, just open your eyes, blow out the candle and continue with your day or if practised before bed, enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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