Nidderdale barn

Nidderdale barn

This picture (the latest in the monthly series of art works) started life as a black and white drawing on canvas but it didn’t work for me, too simplistic. As an experiment I used household emulsion that I’d been using to paint various things around the house. Waste not want not as we say in Yorkshire.

The barn in the picture is one we passed by on one of our drives to Masham. I loved the simple shape of this barn and took a photo of it. I’d had the photo a long time before it came to my attention again and I turned it into the picture above – emulsion on canvas!

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  1. Still the Lucky Few 3 years ago

    That is a wonderful use of paint! Restful colors..and and a beautiful painting! In the olden days, before we “knew better”, we used to think about how paintings would look with the colors in our homes. Well, it just occurred to me, you wouldn’t have to worry about that in this case!

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